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Carisbrook‘s furniture and decor hark back to the nineteenth century and you will feel in the rooms the very presence of the Victorian family. When Charles Brooks advertised Carisbrook for sale in the late 1880s, he described the rooms as ‘spacious’ and ‘lofty’. Then, it was a very desirable house for those aspiring to take a step up the social ladder.


Now, it is the only house museum in Sydney to capture the flavour of the Victorian middle-class lifestyle.

Acquaint yourself first in our Exhibition Room with the story of the Brooks family and Carisbrook as well as other video stories of pioneer Lane Cove. Here the Lane Cove Historical Society Inc. also exhibits items from its Collection.

Then, wander through the house and immerse yourself in a day in the life of Charles and Marian Brooks who lived in the house in the 1880s.