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Since 1962, the LCHS has been researching the history and heritage of life on the North Shore. Its charter is also to collect and manage artefacts and memorabilia representing life in Lane Cove from the time of the Cameraygals, the Indigenous owners of the region, down through the subsequent two hundred and twenty-odd years.

The LCHS also has the curatorship of Carisbrook Historic House and welcomes volunteers who feel they would like to contribute to the community in an interesting way by becoming a Friend of Carisbrook.

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The next event presented by the Lane Cove Historical Society

was to be Tuesday July 27th at 7pm ~ Lane Cove Library. However it has now been cancelled due to the

current Covid restrictions. We hope to welcome Graeme to speak as soon as we can.

Hopefully the August meeting will go ahead as planned.




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Listen to Susan’s acceptance speech here where she talks abut her entry (thank you to In The Cove for sharing this video).